Valley Course :Hole 9 Prayasattabun

This majestic PAR 5, which winds all the way up back to the Clubhouse is a “World Classic”--over water for your tee shot onto a forgiving fairway with bunkers on the right & left sides, waiting to trap any player, who has stepped onto the tee with any complacency. After a good drive, you will be left with a lay-up, which then will set you up for a comfortable approach to either green. If you are a long hitter, you can also perhaps go for the right green in two--but anything miss hit will find a stream 50 paces in front of your original target. If you are going to the left green then a lay-up is the only option. After that just try a birdie with a well administered 3 shot. Both greens are tricky with the right by far the hardest. If you have not received your heart attack yet, this remarkable hole most likely will bring it on. This notorious green has seen many 4 putts and overheard comments, which are unrepeatable! The problem is the speed of the green, which if you add together with the sloop from back to front can only lead to witnessing the sorrowful sight of grown men, crying as they watch their ball roll off the putting surface and back to the fairway.

Valley Course :
Hole Descriptions by Brett Brasier and Piyachai Kasemsant