Valley Course :Hole 15 Koon

It is really no fun to watch helplessly as your ball rolls back into the water after you thought that you hit a good shot, but that is exactly what often happens when playing to the left green on this seemingly ‘passive’ PAR 3. So be advised--take some extra time on your club selection and plan perfectly on where you want your ball to hit the green for this short 100 yards. The right green is friendlier than the left, but you will still find it an allusive target to hit as the green is elevated. This hole looks easy and innocent, but you can run up a high num- ber very quickly. The greens will give you ‘heart tremors’ and be very careful on the left green as you could easily putt your ball straight into the lake!.

     The yellow flowers of “koon-tree” surrounding this hole blossom during the dry-season each year. However, “koon” also means multiply in Thai. This short hole can make or break your day, each and every time you visit it. Regardless of the season of the year, this hole requires the most precise golf of your skill; if you are short, you are in the pond guarding the front of the green; if you are long, you are in the back bunker and having to play a blasting shot onto the green sloping away into the pond; if you have the right distance, you still must place the ball at the right spot, otherwise your supposed marvelous shot will see the ball rolling back into the pond!

Valley Course :
Hole Descriptions by Brett Brasier and Piyachai Kasemsant