Journey through the “Eden Corner”
on the new ‘Highland’ course at Wangjuntr
Journey through the “Eden Corner”

Millions of golfers are familiar with the “Amen Corner” where the joys and agonies of golf and the rituals of “The Masters” are televised dramatically from Augusta to golf lovers & fanatics around the world every April; but very few of us would have a chance to experience such exhilaration ‘personally’ in our life time’s.

Amen Corner refers to Hole Nos. 11, 12 and 13 at the Augusta National Golf Club. Herbert Warren Wind first used this term in 1958 in reference to the difficulty in playing these challenging holes.

Hole 11 (White Dogwood); Par 4 : the first hole of Amen Corner is named for its stunning white dogwood trees lining the fairway. A well struck tee shot to the center or slightly right center of the fairway is the goal. The dramatic placement of the water positioned immediately off the left side apron demands a heroic second shot. The safer play is to the right center or right side of the green.

Hole 12 (Golden Bell); Par 3 : the yellow flowering Golden Bell blooms behind the green each spring. This famous Par 3 is a difficult hole due to the swirling winds, the bunkers guarding the green, and Rae’s Creek, which angles away from the player to the right.

Hole 13 (Azalea); Par 5 : The entire left side of this short but demanding Par 5 hole is lined with many varieties of Azaleas. They all contribute to the spectacular galaxy of color during their spring bloom. From the player’s perspective, this dog leg left requires an accurate drawing tee shot which then provides the opportunity to go for the green in 2. The green is treacherous with a sharp break from left to right. Although often viewed as a hole of opportunity, this ending leg of Amen Corner has proven otherwise for many players.

In Celebration of its challenges and the memories captured at Amen Corner, the Design Team of Wangjuntr Golf Park proudly presents you with our magnificent Eden Corner.

With love and inspiration from “Amen Corner”, we have crafted our own “Eden Corner”, and are pleased to invite you all to savor the splendor and the intricacies of this ‘extraordinary’ configuration of fantastic golfing holes.

The “Eden Corner” is a unique distinguished ‘bend’ in the natural flow of the new ‘Highland’ course at the famous ‘Wangjuntr Golf Park’, starting from the 13th hole (“Stairway to Heaven”) through to the 16th (“Breath of Forest”) where the surrounding mountains, rain forests and lakes combine to create some of the most astounding golf holes anywhere in the world. As you enter the “Eden Corner” from the 13th, which is naturally named the “Stairway to Heaven”, a par-four stretching to 480 yards-- with a 35 yard rise in elevation from the back-tee to the green, you will have to climb seven giant steps to reach your destination. Your tee-shot should preferably be on the 4th level; from there you should be able to reach the green, situated on the 7th level, with a mid or long iron and a great deal of luck! Regardless of your score, the climb and the view here will be a serenely satisfying experience and one which you will remember for all of your ‘golfing years’ to come.

If you succeed in climbing the “Stairway to Heaven” without receiving a heart-attack, your reward will be another climb of around 30 yards in height to the 8th level where a small but lovely kiosk stands to offer you refreshing drinks and a most stunning view of an unbelievable hole of golf. You may choose to stay here forever or to attempt another 15 yard climb to the 9th level or the top of “Eden” with the honour of having a date with the “Beautiful Beast” which is the 14th a par-four of 465 yards, if played to the full. The tees are on the edge of a cliff where the exhilaration of just being there together, and at peace with the surrounding mountains is a wonderful sensation.

The forests and the lake far below is unmatched and then, you may watch your tee-shot negotiate a drop of more than 60 yards to a small strip of fairway positioned on the edge of a wonderful emerald lake--about 280 yards ahead of you. The fairway will then split left and right around this unbelievably pristine lake where you can have a choice and the chance of attempting to conquer the left green flanked by pot-bunkers and the lake or the right ‘island green’ which is situated on the far shore of the lake itself.

After subduing (or being ‘eaten alive’) by the “Beautiful Beast”, you will then have a chance at the “Blue Diamond” 15th, a par-three of 253 yards. This is the longest short hole of the combined two courses at ‘Wangjuntr Golf Park’, but probably not the hardest; however, you must hit a very accurate and long tee-shot over part of the emerald lake to the elevated green clinging onto the slope of a menacing mountain to find your “Blue Diamond”. A rare birdie here will be worth a blue diamond from your loved one!

Having found the “Blue Diamond” with your heart and mind hopefully still intact, you will now go through a part of rain forest where you will have a chance to catch your breath on the 16th “Breath of Forest” a downhill tree-lined par-five with a “wild-boar-pond” in the center of the fairway. With the greens set just on the edge of another lovely lake, a distant long long (if playing from the back) 690 yards away!

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