Taste of Greens Restaurant
Any golfing adventure cannot be completed without a grand finalli of delicious foods at a sumptuous restaurant. Here at Wangjuntr, after tasting the greens of the Valley and Highland courses, “Taste-of-Greens-Restaurant” offers you one of the best seafood fresh from the Gulf of Thailand, as well as numerous Thai and Asian delicacies.


Deer fried black pepper
Stir fried spicy deer with basil
Dried meat
Deer fried with oyster sauce


Steam fish in soya sauce
Stir fried prawn with cashew
Fried fish with spicy sauce

Ostrich / Wild boar..........

Stir fried spicy ostrich
Stir fried spicy ostrich with basil
Ostrich fried with oyster sauce
Dried meat


Shrimp paste dip with fish & fresh vegetables