The Design Expert Team

From left to right: Kriangkrai Nityasuddhi / Kitti Tetivong / Prasert Sukhumanant/ Danai Singhasanee/
Piyachai Kasemsant / Malinee Kasemsant / M.L. Prasobchai Kasemsant/ Yee Sukphinij /
Chartchai Praditpong/ Dumrong Sriprasert and M.L. Prasobchok Kasemsant


  Nestled by the hills and the rainforest of Wangjuntr, in a historically rich province of Rayong, Wangjuntr Golf Park lies quietly in what might be the utmost natural setting of any Thai golf course. Wangjuntr, or the Moon Palace in Thai translation, was once a habitat of the undisturbed natural world, seen only through the eyes of pacifying moonlight. Along the road to civilization, however, this tranquil residence of wildlife was gradually encroached and destroyed, leaving the area lifeless.

Wangjuntr Golf Park arises from an inspiration that human, nature and animals would once again coexist in harmony. Today, one of the most spectacular championship golf courses is ingeniously designed, developed and depicted into the picturesqueness of the natural world. It is here, at Wangjuntr, that human nurtures and returns animals to their innocence. It is here, at Wangjuntr, that a fabric of life is woven and displayed on the golf course. You will discover the most serene coexistence of nature and golf, only at Wangjuntr Golf Park. Located just one-and-a-half-hour drive from Bangkok, Wangjuntr Golf Park promises an unrivaled golfing experience without the cost of your convenience. Each and every hole that is played here, whether by professional or amateur golfers, merely reflects the scrupulous process that this golf course is built to challenge everybody alike. After all, your personal victory here is not based on the score, but rather on the fabulous journey, which simultaneously is the ultimate test of your golf skills.

The panoramic and rigorous layout of each hole at Wangjuntr Golf Park presents breathtaking views while demanding precise shot-making and tactful play. The mountainous greens are notorious and stand for every reason you will be returning to challenge the course, again and again. For any golfer who has played at Wangjuntr Golf Park, your experience will enhance the understanding and appreciation for golf. Quintessentially, our aim from the beginning of this Project in 1999 has been to establish the highest quality of golf course, as to draw to it the most avid of all golf, nature and animal lovers.

The Founders


Born 16 September 1933, Khun Chalermchai Songsuk is a close friend and business partner of Kampol Watcharapol, the founder of Thairath, the newspaper with largest circulation in Thailand. During his decades as a professional journalist and as chief of Thairath’s provincial division, he traveled every corner of Thailand and finally came to select Wangjuntr as his country home. He is instrumental in the acquisition of the land and introducing Plew Trivisvavet and Prasobchai Kasemsant to Wangjuntr and therefore started the Dream.


Born 10 September 1945, Khun Plew Trivisvavet is President and Chief Executive Officer of Ch. Karnchang Plc., one of the leading construction companies in Thailand, as well as its several infrastructure development companies. In conjunction with wellknown international corporations, his companies play lead-roles in developing large scale projects around Thailand and Southeast Asia such as expressways, mass-transits, water-supplies and hydroelectric dams. Khun Plew’s support of the Wangjuntr Golf Park Project has been essential from the start. He is also an avid golfer who enjoys taking his guests to experience the wonderful world of Wangjuntr.


Born 5 September 1935, Khun Thep Trivisvavet is a brother of Khun Plew and a co-founder of Ch. Karnchang Plc. He is an important supporter of the Wangjuntr project and an influential person in the establishment and management of its golf courses from the start.


Born 24 February 1955, M.L. Prasobchai Kasemsant is a career army officer-presently a lieutenant general at the Ministry of Defense. He was educated at the Virginia Military Institute and Stanford University in the USA where he traveled all over the country to play golf and study golf course designs as extra-curricular activities. Together with Khun Chalermchai and Khun Kamthorn, he decided to make Wangjuntr Golf Park one of the showpieces of his works. As an advisor to Khun Plew, M.L. Prasobchai has been instrumental in the development of several mega projects such as the Bangkok Second Stage Expressway System-BECL, the Bangkok Mass Rapid Transit System-BMCL and the Hydroelectric Project in Laos-SEAN; however for the Wangjuntr Project and for his love of golf and golf history, Khun Prasobchai, a serious and very good golfer; is the lead-manager, designer and supervisor of every aspect of this extraordinary work. His philosophy of “commitment to excellence in everything” has made Wangjuntr Golf Park an amazing landmark.


Born 24 June 1949, Khun Kamthorn Trivisvavet, a brother of Plew Trivisvavet, is a key-founder and an important behind-the-scene-man in the successes of Ch. Karnchang Plc. and its many subsidiaries. Khun Kamthorn, or more wellknown as Ching, has friends in every corner of Thailand. Together with Khun Chalermchai and M.L. Prasobchai, Khun Kamthorn’s strong voice and support has made the Wangjuntr Golf Park a reality.




Born 25 October 1957, Khun Malinee Kasemsant, wife of M.L. Prasobchai Kasemsant, is responsible for establishing and the administration of the Golf Club and the Club House and its Taste of Green Restaurant from the beginning. Her influence in the decoration of the Club House and its facilities has made the Club becoming popular with locals and international visitors alike.


Born 28 May 1950, Khun Danai Singhasanee has been the Club General Manager from the first day. His works in land acquisition, surveying, Club management, and maintenance of the facilities are fundamental to the early successes of Wangjuntr. A single handicapper and a well-known figure in golf industry in Thailand, Khun Danai helps made Wangjuntr popular with amateurs and professionals in and around Thailand.


Born 10 March 1954, Khun Prasert Sukhumanant is a graduate of the Chulalongkorn University’s School of Architecture. He is a wellknown and successful architect in his own rights. He assists M.L. Prasobchai Kasemsant in the crafting of the master plan of the project and in the design of the Valley and Highland courses, the Club House, and other facilities from its inception.


Born 7 February 1945, Khun Kitti Tetivong is owner of the D.K.T. Construction and Development Company Limited which is the main contractor for the construction of the project. As a construction manager, a golf lover and a low handicapper, Khun Kitti enjoyed his time at Wangjuntr playing golf and supervising day-to-day works of this magnificent masterpiece from the start.


Born 7 November 1962, Colonel Kriangkrai Nityasuddhi is a lecturer in physics at the Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy. He is a true outdoor sportsman as well as a single handicapped golfer. His love of golf brought him to Wangjuntr to assist M.L. Prasobchai in the surveying of the landscape and supervising the construction of the three golf courses from the first day of inception. Khun Kriangkrai, with Khun Piyachai as his assistant, is instrumental in the survey and design of the Jungle Course.


Born 11 January 1955 and coming from a golf-pro family, Khun Yee Sukphinij is a wellknown landscaper and a good golfer. With experience in crafting many golf courses, Khun Yee’s contribution in the making of Wangjuntr is significant. His dedication and tireless work in the field are keys to the enchanting landscape of the three golf courses.


Born 10 October 1979, Khun Piyasak Kasemsant is a graduate of the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture. While a student there and later at Syracuse University and Cornell University, he helped his father, M.L. Prasobchai, surveyed the land and designed the Master Plan of the project and the general lay-out of the Valley and the Highland Course.


Born 13 August 1981, Khun Piyachai Kasemsant is a former member of the golf-team of the Loomis-Chaffee School in Connecticut, USA. During his breaks from studying at the Villanova University, USA, he always come to Wangjuntr, helping his father in the design and supervising of the work on the Valley and Highland Courses. His love of golf brings many innovative ideas and influence which contribute greatly to the wonder of Wangjuntr Golf Park. Khun Piyachai Kasemsant and Khun Kriangkrai Nityasuddhi are key-leaders of the survey and design team for the Jungle Course.