The Design Expert Team

From left to right: Kriangkrai Nityasuddhi / Kitti Tetivong / Prasert Sukhumanant/ Danai Singhasanee/
Piyachai Kasemsant / Malinee Kasemsant / M.L. Prasobchai Kasemsant/ Yee Sukphinij /
Chartchai Praditpong/ Dumrong Sriprasert and M.L. Prasobchok Kasemsant

  Nestled by the hills and the rainforest of Wangjuntr, in a historically rich province of Rayong, Wangjuntr Golf Park lies quietly in what might be the utmost natural setting of any Thai golf course. Wangjuntr, or the Moon Palace in Thai translation, was once a habitat of the undisturbed natural world, seen only through the eyes of pacifying moonlight. Along the road to civilization, however, this tranquil residence of wildlife was gradually encroached and destroyed, leaving the area lifeless.

Wangjuntr Golf Park arises from an inspiration that human, nature and animals would once again coexist in harmony. Today, one of the most spectacular championship golf courses is ingeniously designed, developed and depicted into the picturesqueness of the natural world. It is here, at Wangjuntr, that human nurtures and returns animals to their innocence. It is here, at Wangjuntr, that a fabric of life is woven and displayed on the golf course. You will discover the most serene coexistence of nature and golf, only at Wangjuntr Golf Park. Located just one-and-a-half-hour drive from Bangkok, Wangjuntr Golf Park promises an unrivaled golfing experience without the cost of your convenience. Each and every hole that is played here, whether by professional or amateur golfers, merely reflects the scrupulous process that this golf course is built to challenge everybody alike. After all, your personal victory here is not based on the score, but rather on the fabulous journey, which simultaneously is the ultimate test of your golf skills.

The panoramic and rigorous layout of each hole at Wangjuntr Golf Park presents breathtaking views while demanding precise shot-making and tactful play. The mountainous greens are notorious and stand for every reason you will be returning to challenge the course, again and again. For any golfer who has played at Wangjuntr Golf Park, your experience will enhance the understanding and appreciation for golf. Quintessentially, our aim from the beginning of this Project in 1999 has been to establish the highest quality of golf course, as to draw to it the most avid of all golf, nature and animal lovers.