Valley Course :Hole 4 Crater

A good straight drive is essential to have any chance of obtaining an elusive Par on this “Carter” hole, which is famous throughout Thailand--and beyond--for its bunker in the middle of the putting surface. If your drive is too long or left then your ball will end up wet. A touch too much to the right and you will find ones of the well placed bunkers. Place your drive well and you will have around 170-200 yards to negotiate to reach either the right or left green areas, which are separated by that renowned bunker--a truly ‘Classic’ hole. A five is also a good score for this signature hole at ‘the Valley Course.’ Again, the drive is the key for a reasonable score on this hole, but the problem is lining up correctly on the tee. So be careful--take your time and don’t hit before you’re ready and very sure of where that little white ball is aiming at.

     Under the concept of “double-greens” for each fairway, “No. 4” greens of the Valley Course are separated by a huge crater-like bunker, then by uniting the greens with putting surface around the bunker the designer has created a one-of-its-kind gigantic green with a huge bunker in the center. This Doughnut Hole of 495 yard immediately became golfers’ talk-of-the-town and a “must-play” for local golfers. With a creek along the left side of the fairway and crossing the fairway at about 300 yards off the back-tee, and then widening into a lake on the right-side of the green, together with well situated bunkers at the front right and left of this unique green, “No. 4” compels golfers to think of good strategy as well as to have execution skill to win over it.

Valley Course :
Hole Descriptions by Brett Brasier and Piyachai Kasemsant