Valley Course :Hole 5 Valley of Joy

The 5 looks innocent enough when standing on the tee; however, anything slightly right or left and you will find yourself again ‘banging your head against a brick wall.’ If you are playing the left green and if your drive is just slightly left, you will be blocked out for your approach shot. Again, you must play hard for a bogey. Drive too much right and you will find the wet stuff. The 2 shot to both greens is uphill and is deceiving so take one or two extra clubs. Unfortunately, the main problem is when you reach the greens-- that is if you can, because both have steep run off at the front. Anything short will role back down off the greens, ending up in one of two well positioned grass bunkers. Putting on these greens is treacherous to say the least---especially the right!

Valley Course :
Hole Descriptions by Brett Brasier and Piyachai Kasemsant