Highland Course :Hole 15 Blue Diamond

Be careful---just like a beautiful women this hole can easily ‘blind’ you----similar sensations take over your body and all normal thought processes are thrown out of the window! Such beauty is intoxicating and you will begin to feel ‘light headed’ then ---before you know it, your hitting 3 off the tee!----again, as always at ‘Wangjuntr Golf Park’ exact club selection is crucial in getting in the proximity of a Par. This ‘classic’ par-3 will require one of your best golf swings to master and once you’re on the green, which is one of the biggest in the park your strengths or weaknesses will come to light for all to see. Grassy hollows and one of the deepest bunkers stretching basically all around your approach routes in- is waiting to gather up any loosely struck ball--- and only your very best effort will extract that small little white ball back to where it should belong! The wonderful green will just engulf you and put you under its 3-putt spell.

Valley Course :
Hole Descriptions by Brett Brasier and Piyachai Kasemsant