Highland Course :Hole 12 Magic Fountain

Your pristine view again from the tee will force you to take your time on your tee shot allowing you to take in fully the wondrous landscape. The ‘lodge’ on your right is housing several fanatical golfers but be careful not to hit it! From your exclusive and privileged view you are able to work out your strategy for the next few shots----this fine par-4 is kind to the eyes and the lush green fairway angled to the left is just asking you to hit it. Two distinguishing ‘eyelid bunkers’ will trap anything hit out right from the tee and on the left guarding this side of the hole are a series of those sandy ‘golfing graves’! The 2 shot required for this great hole is a relatively short iron but as always---it must be precise, especially if you’re heading for the right green as there’s some H2O to hit over. The putting surfaces on both are split level and, as always very uneven. Both greens are narrow and long in depth---so take your time in choosing the right club for the job.

Valley Course :
Hole Descriptions by Brett Brasier and Piyachai Kasemsant