Highland Course :Hole 11 Himalaya

Standing high up on the edge of the jungle looking down from the tee to the winding fairway waiting for you to negotiate is a thrilling experience. This par-5 is a ‘dream come true’! Stay clear of the large bunker splitting the fairway which you can see is bending to the right and you will be faced with a strategically critical 2 shot, if you would like any hope of a birdie chance or a safe par. I advise strongly that you don’t ‘bite off more then you can chew’ and try to go for the green because anything short will end up in a difficult lie which will test all your courage and ‘will power’ for your next attempt. Your approach to either of the greens set high above you will again test your ‘distance control’ to the full, as you will not be able to judge clearly where the holes are cut. The left green is just a little more undulating then its partner but both will require your full respect.

Valley Course :
Hole Descriptions by Brett Brasier and Piyachai Kasemsant