Valley Course

  • Championship Course with 7197 yards
  • Near Resident

Highland Course

  • measure length 7641 yards
  • required to use Carts

Jungle Course

  • Not Available
What's on Thailand

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Delicious Food

Taste of Greens

When great golf courses meet the world's most stunning land forms, it makes for the most epic experience in the game

Any golfing adventure cannot be completed without a grand finalli of delicious foods at a sumptuous restaurant. Here at Wangjuntr, after tasting the greens of the Valley and Highland courses, “Taste-of-Greens-Restaurant” offers you one of the best seafood fresh from the Gulf of Thailand, as well as numerous Thai and Asian delicacies.

Featured Rooms

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1,400 THB/night

Hotel Room

2 adults 1 kid BF not included

Safari Room

2 adults 1 kid BF not included
3,000 THB/night

Villa House

6 adults BF not included

The Mansion

15 adults BF not included